Week 4 / Classmate Conversation / Alexander Lucero

This week I met Alexander Lucero, or Alex. Alex was very nice and it was easy to talk to him. We discussed some of the sculptures that we saw, and gave our opinions on it. He told me that it is also his first year at California State University Long Beach. He told me that he is majoring in Criminal Justice and works at a Mexican Restaurant called Super Mex. He went to high school in Lakewood, which is pretty close to where I live. He told me that his favorite food is Italian and that he likes to SkateBoard. Overall, it was nice to meet Alex, maybe I’ll stop my Super Mex one day?

Alex’s Website



Week 4 / Artist Conversation / Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibit: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramic, Paint, Steel, and Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Artist’s website: Samuel Jernigan’s Website

Instagram: samueljenri


Samuel Jernigan is from the bay area, but originally resided in central California, and has just recently graduated California State University Long Beach. He says that he got into international fabrication first, but his artwork is ceramic. He said that he started working with clay in 2000, but took a break in 2006. After his break,  he came back to school and got right back onto his work. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. Samuel is working to get his master at UCLA in Ceramics.

Samuel’s artwork were sculptures that brought out memories of my childhood. Many of his sculptures were influenced by his toys. Samuel explained that many of his artwork have deep emotional ties with him, such as the fish. Samuel explained that the fish always seemed to smile at him, which made him smile when he was feeling blue.

Samuel’s artwork appealed to me the most, mainly because of how eye-popping some of his sculptures looked. Some had very intricate details on their face, while another has a spectrum of colors for a head. It seemed to me that each sculpture had a different story behind it. As I was looking at each sculpture individually, I tried to imagine what kind of thoughts and emotion Samuel was trying to get me to express as a viewer. The sculpture of the young boy made me think of racial groups. The boy’s face will show what type of ethnic groups he will most likely be associated with, which is why there is a noticeable amount of definition on the face. The body is glossed out and has less amount of detail because despite how you look, your race will not define your own sense of belonging, whether it is to an ethnic group that is completely different from your own.


Week 3 / Classmate Conversation / Elijah Yee


For my classmate conversation, I talked to Eli Yee. He is a sophomore at CSULB and he is studying fashion merch. He said that he likes to paint and also like photography. he is 20 years old and was a really cool guy. Since I am pretty quiet, It was pretty cool that he came up to me and talked. His birthday is on February 14th, which is Valentines day! Happy early Birthday Eli!

Eli’s Website: Eli’s website

Week 3 / Art Experience / Snapchat

This week, we got to use Snapchat, which caught me kind off guard. I don’t really use social media, so I was sort of new to this app. I thought that it was cool how I could “snap” a photo, draw on it, and then send it to a recipient for a certain amount of time. After the time expires, it is gone! I took a photo of my shadow, and wrote down what I thought of the weather in a thought bubble.  I liked the thought bubble, so I used it again to capture a character’s thought.

Overall, I think this app is pretty cool, mainly due to the fact that it gives your creativity endless limits. Other social media apps don’t give you as much freedom.

Week 3 / Artist Conversation / Daniel A.Rivera

Artist: Daniel A.Rivera Echeverria

Exhibition: Commingle

Media:Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Performance, and Mixed-Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L.Gatov Gallery East

The Commingle was an art exhibition that was run by Daniel A.Rivera Echeverria. Daniel  said that he likes to paint and sculpt, and has many different approaches in art.He explained that he did not really create any of the art pieces inside the exhibit, but he got everything together. Despite it being his first time, I thought it looked appealing. The art present at the exhibit made me confused at first. But after looking at some of the artwork for quite sometime, I thought it was quite fun to try and figure out the meaning behind the work.

Week 2 Activity -Body Casting

Unfortunately, I could not go to seal beach with the class to do my assignment, so I had to do the casting myself.

I watched videos and how people did it and went to Home Depot to buy my plaster and bucket. After work on Saturday , I asked my friend to come help me make my mold, and we got down to business. I decided to make a mold of my right hand in like a “praying” design so that I could even use it as a decoration in my apartment. As I was pouring the plaster, I was afraid that the plaster would not go all the way down the mold to my fingers, leaving me with a fingerless plaster casting. After it hardened and I cleaned out the sand, it came out looking very nicely.

As for ways to adapt or use this ability in my life, I think I’ll use it when Im taking care of kids who want to do some cool arts and crafts.