Week 15/ Classmate Conversation/John Stouras

John Stouras was born in Santa Cruz  and is half Puerto Rican and Greek. He is a film major and his favorite movie is Indiana Jones. We both have the same favorite color, in terms of the color spectrum? (his is navy blue and mine is indigo) He said that his favorite filmmakers are the Coen Brothers, which is a name I was unfamiliar with, but John explained to me. He is quite the knowledgeable guy! We talked about Trump, Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. As well as the internet memes about them. It was nice to have a chat with John.

John’s Website



Week 15/ Artist Conversation/ Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Printmaking, Ink through relief printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

Nancy Young is graduating this year with a BFA in printmaking. She stated that she named this exhibition “As The Crow Flies” because just like a crow, she was going around the city. As she was going around the city, she said that she learned a lot and increased her skills in printmaking. She said that she feels fine art is a vital part of her life because she expresses her creativity through her work.

Formal Analysis

Nancy Young explains that her work uses different methods of print, but intaglio and photopolymers are the ones that she feels to be her favorite. Her art has quite a lot of dark colors, and I would say give a “monochrome filter”. It coincides with the name of the gallery because a raven is black and signifies many dark things, while her art is dark as well. The art is also very jagged and makes it feel as if it is going to come out of it’s frame.

Content Analysis

Young explains that her work is highly influenced by the experiences she has had in her life. She puts all of what she saw and experienced and puts it into her artwork, so she could see a physical representation of her history. She says that this helps to keep her mentally stable.

Synthesis/ My experience

Nancy Young’s work was very deep and rich with emotion. After listening to Young describe her work, I went back in and saw the artwork and tried to see what she saw in her work. I tried to imagine seeing the images she drew whether it was a crow or a street. I see and understand what she meant when she said her artworks are like bookmarks in her life. This made me think about the “bookmarks” in my life and what I would draw if I were to do what she had done. This was quite the artist to learn about for the end of the semester! 🙂

Week 14 /art experience/ Drawing in the garden

This week, we went down to the Japanese garden and drew some sketches and took some photos. Three had to be representation and three had to be abstract for a total of six pictures and six sketches. I thought that this week’s at experience was quite enjoyable because of the very relaxed ambience that the garden had. It allowed for easy sketching because I felt that my mind was cleared. i sketched in pen because I knew that i would erase a lot and if i had an eraser at my disposal,i would use it. Thankfully, by using a pen i got to see all the strikes and different mistakes that i made and turned them into part of my sketch.