Week 12/ art experience/ geocaching

Geocaching is definetly something that I see myself doing even after this class. When I went out to look for a geocache, I was quite lucky. The first one was a bust, apparently because the rain might have swept it away. So on my second attempt, my friends and I went by an IHOP where a fairly easy geocache was hidden. The hint was the name of the street, and after thinking about it for 5 minutes, we checked the street sign. Sure enough, there it was, tied with a voodoo doll. I signed my name, but for some reason someone drew a huge penis on the log.


The next day, I made my geocache out of an altoid case that I bought earlier this morning. ( Yes, I ate the entire thing) I decided to put a foam bracelet, a checker piece and the logbook and pencil.

I hid it in Dennis the Menace park,  



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