Week 10/ Artist Conversation/ Helen Werner Cox

Artist:Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Wood Carvings, Pastel, Prints, Water Based Materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: none

About the Artist:

Helen Werner Cox is from Ithaca, New York where she was born and raised. She is in the MFA drawing and painting figurative program in CSULB. She said that she obtained the inspiration for her exhibition by being in the presence of carousels. Helen likes to garden, solve puzzles, and read fiction and mystery books. She also has a teaching background, teaching at a high school in Boston. She also taught in a middle school in Boston.

Formal Analysis:

Helen’s work uses a wide variety of colors, mostly a darker spectrum. When I take a good look at how much detail there is on each of her artwork, it is quite amazing. The strokes that are visible in her artwork, make it seem as if the texture on the horse are real, as if I can touch and feel it. The fact that Cox used darker colors helps portray the dismay in the horse’s emotion.

Content Analysis:

The theme within the work is “Chaos”. To portray this, Cox uses the carousel to talk about the cycle of certainty in our current society. Our current society takes the same routine over and over again, making the same mistakes and not necessarily moving forward in life. The carousel uses horses because Cox believed that the complete dismay portrayed by the face in the horses expresses the emotion.

Synthesis/My Experience:

I think that Cox’s work gave me a deeper analysis on our current society. The deeper meaning behind her work had me think about my role in out current society. If our life is really on a carousel that has a designated course, than where am I? Am i taking the same course? The dark colors that are present in her work also makes me think that this “carousel of life” has a dark twisted side.



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