Week 5/ Art experience / Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, we had a choice between cuisine, couture or coiffure. I decided to go with couture because there was a goodwill near my house. This was not my first time going to a thrift shop, but it was definetly the first time that I bought something there. My the store was a decent size, and had a lot of clothes and other stuff. The picture above was taken in the east side of the store.The entire south west portion of the store was dedicated to women’s clothing. The north east side was dedicated to Men’s clothing, and the north west point had other things such as televisions, knee boards, and other fun things.

I bought a T-shirt that says “Busch beer”, and a navy button up that has patterns of wrenches and bikes. I wear button ups pretty often, so I thought this was a good haul. The two of these items only cost me $5.67!  If I went to a department store, I may have had to pay about 30 dollars for each.


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