Week 6 / Art Experience/ Artwalk

This week, our class went on an art walk through the California State University Long Beach campus. I had the opportunity to be the guide for my group and chose some places throughout the CSULB campus. The first stop that we visited was the Prospector Pete statue. I always come by this statue when I am walking to class, and it was the closest thing next to FA2 and FA3. Then I took the group to see the Carlson Bloc Bell tower and the Now Sculpture. From then we stopped by the H20 Lymon Lough Fountain and then the CBA building. By then we made our last stop at the Japanese Garden.

This entire art walk experience showed me that our campus has a lot of artwork and beautiful scenery throughout. Our school had a lot of greenery, but still had some slight brown grass  because of the drought. It showed that our school is very caring of the current situation that our state is in. It was nice to know that our school took this into account and still had the ability to make our school look beautiful.



Week 5/ Artist Conversation / Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Silver, Copper, and Aluminum

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

Andre Ritter attended California State University Long Beach and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals.Ritter has children who love their father’s artwork. He enjoys reading comic books, playing volleyball, and going to art galleries. He hasn’t gotten a job related to his field but he hopes to set up an art program at a school. Ritter explained to me that he likes to use metals for work because metal lasts longer Many of his art have to do with aluminum because he finds it easier to work with than other metals. Many of his artwork have been inspired by nature, kinetic motion, the South Pacific, and other people’s arts.

Formal Analysis


The lamp has 3 sides, each with it’s own special design. Each side has  seperate rectangles that all have a different design as well. Each one has a design that is either jagged edges, or smooth ones that give a feeling of uniqueness. The lamp doesn’t have any flashy colors, enriching the “South Pacific” Vibe that Ritter was attempting to create.

Content Analysis

This piece by Ritter is a tropical lamp. When I first saw this lamp, it reminded me of my trip to Hawaii when I saw a lot of those designs. Andre explained that he made this lamp with the “Tropical Island” image in his head. He wished for it to give his audience the feeling of relaxation , as if they were resting on the beaches of the South Pacific.  He envisioned the lamp being in a shack near the beach, which ultimately gave him the inspiration.

Synthesis/ My experience

Personally, I really liked this lamp because it made me think back to my trip to Hawaii. It made me think about how when you are on vacation, you don’t worry about the things waiting back at home. The only thing you worry about is what kind of fun you are going to have the next day. Ritter’s lamp made me “feel” like I was back at Hawaii, while I was still back at California.


Week 5/ Classmate Conversation/ Jesus Viramontes

This week, I met Jesus Viramontes. Jesus is a sophomore majoring in psychology. He says that he likes psychology because he finds it fascinating to see how people react cognitively to certain things. He listens to bands such as Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, and The Offspring. He also said that he likes to read, and play video games such as League of Legends. Jesus played baseball in high school, which was in Bellflower. Like me, Jesus chose this art class to fulfil his GE requirement. It was really nice to meet Jesus!



Jesus’s website

Week 5/ Art experience / Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, we had a choice between cuisine, couture or coiffure. I decided to go with couture because there was a goodwill near my house. This was not my first time going to a thrift shop, but it was definetly the first time that I bought something there. My the store was a decent size, and had a lot of clothes and other stuff. The picture above was taken in the east side of the store.The entire south west portion of the store was dedicated to women’s clothing. The north east side was dedicated to Men’s clothing, and the north west point had other things such as televisions, knee boards, and other fun things.

I bought a T-shirt that says “Busch beer”, and a navy button up that has patterns of wrenches and bikes. I wear button ups pretty often, so I thought this was a good haul. The two of these items only cost me $5.67!  If I went to a department store, I may have had to pay about 30 dollars for each.

Week 4/ Art Experience / Graffiti Writing

This was a lot harder than I thought. A lot of the graffiti that I see in Los Angeles is pretty good, so when I was picturing myself doing this, I thought I would have great hand motion, and the picture would come out looking aesthetic. Little did I know, I can’t even make an “X” that looks great. After work, I stopped at the Home Depot and bought a black and white spray can. As soon as I got to my garage, I pulled out this cardboard box that I have and started painting. The first thing I didn’t think about was the fumes or gas that comes out from these cans.  After painting for a while, I started getting light-headed and realized I shouldn’t do it in the garage. (But I did it anyway)

Week 4 / Classmate Conversation / Alexander Lucero

This week I met Alexander Lucero, or Alex. Alex was very nice and it was easy to talk to him. We discussed some of the sculptures that we saw, and gave our opinions on it. He told me that it is also his first year at California State University Long Beach. He told me that he is majoring in Criminal Justice and works at a Mexican Restaurant called Super Mex. He went to high school in Lakewood, which is pretty close to where I live. He told me that his favorite food is Italian and that he likes to SkateBoard. Overall, it was nice to meet Alex, maybe I’ll stop my Super Mex one day?

Alex’s Website


Week 4 / Artist Conversation / Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibit: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramic, Paint, Steel, and Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Artist’s website: Samuel Jernigan’s Website

Instagram: samueljenri


Samuel Jernigan is from the bay area, but originally resided in central California, and has just recently graduated California State University Long Beach. He says that he got into international fabrication first, but his artwork is ceramic. He said that he started working with clay in 2000, but took a break in 2006. After his break,  he came back to school and got right back onto his work. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. Samuel is working to get his master at UCLA in Ceramics.

Samuel’s artwork were sculptures that brought out memories of my childhood. Many of his sculptures were influenced by his toys. Samuel explained that many of his artwork have deep emotional ties with him, such as the fish. Samuel explained that the fish always seemed to smile at him, which made him smile when he was feeling blue.

Samuel’s artwork appealed to me the most, mainly because of how eye-popping some of his sculptures looked. Some had very intricate details on their face, while another has a spectrum of colors for a head. It seemed to me that each sculpture had a different story behind it. As I was looking at each sculpture individually, I tried to imagine what kind of thoughts and emotion Samuel was trying to get me to express as a viewer. The sculpture of the young boy made me think of racial groups. The boy’s face will show what type of ethnic groups he will most likely be associated with, which is why there is a noticeable amount of definition on the face. The body is glossed out and has less amount of detail because despite how you look, your race will not define your own sense of belonging, whether it is to an ethnic group that is completely different from your own.