Week 2 Activity -Body Casting

Unfortunately, I could not go to seal beach with the class to do my assignment, so I had to do the casting myself.

I watched videos and how people did it and went to Home Depot to buy my plaster and bucket. After work on Saturday , I asked my friend to come help me make my mold, and we got down to business. I decided to make a mold of my right hand in like a “praying” design so that I could even use it as a decoration in my apartment. As I was pouring the plaster, I was afraid that the plaster would not go all the way down the mold to my fingers, leaving me with a fingerless plaster casting. After it hardened and I cleaned out the sand, it came out looking very nicely.

As for ways to adapt or use this ability in my life, I think I’ll use it when Im taking care of kids who want to do some cool arts and crafts.



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